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by Guillaume Morissette




    by Guillaume Morissette

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  2. One of my main missions is to de-stigmatize the internet as a narcissistic guilt trip. We all long for affection, and social media can be a wonderful way of meeting people you would not have found in any other way. If someone takes a selfie and you see something in their eyes that you can relate to, it is pure magic; we are examining ourselves refracted through a couple thousand followers, creating an ever more prismatic version of identity. It’s possible that this could dispel a notion of rigid self-identity and begin to vaporize the ego into a collective expression and ethical experience of reality.
    Rhizome | Artist Profile: Genevieve Belleveau (via nathanjurgenson)

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  3. He lit a cigarette. His glass of whiskey lit a cigarette. “I can only truly love my dead best friend,” he said, “but not in a gay way. Women wouldn’t understand. They’re too gay.” Both of the cigarettes agreed.
    – from Mallory Ortberg’s hilarious “Male Novelist Jokes.” (via coketalk)

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    There is nothing worse than hearing people attempt to sound intelligent by using lengthy words and MISUSING THEM

    I completely photosynthesize with this

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  5. To live in the world of creation — to get into it and stay in it — to frequent it and haunt it — to think intently and fruitfully — to woo combinations and inspirations into being by a depth and continuity of attention and meditation — this is the only thing — and I neglect it, far and away too much; from indolence, from vagueness, from inattention, and from a strange nervous fear of letting myself go. If I can vanquish that nervousness, the world is mine.
    – Henry James’s notebooks — entry of 23 October, 1891. (via havingbeenbreathedout)

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    don’t say you’re a writer if you just write fanfiction for your entertainment. you’re only a writer if you kill a bear with a typewriter to appease the spirit of hemingway and slather yourself in ink in tribute to shakespeare, the one true over-penis of literature.

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  7. Don’t be a writer. Be writing.
    – William Faulkner (via blotsandplots)

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